Notte Votyng is Dyfferent Fromme Notte Caryng

On 27th March we hath a local election in Lewes to electe to the Town Councyl a representatyve for the area in whych I lyve.

It doth be a smalle election, by any standardes, but as ever local parties wyll use it as a barometer of popularyty, and in bygger

A manne gyvyng folke hys opynyon

elections myght use the data and the graphs to showe how popular they are, how muche they hath growne and everythyng else they do to try and mayke you vote for themme outsyde of attemptyng to showe they represente you (tis amayzyng how rayr polycy actually appyrs to be gyven).

For the fyrst tyme in my lyfe I won’t vote though. I shalt walke past two pollyng stations on my waye to work and it shall be harde, but the poyntlessness of it is too much.

Russell Brand hath artyculayted some of my now quite long-term thynkyng, but he doth notte be alone. The layte, sadly departed Tony Benn questioned if we lyve in a democracy. Andst the Lib Dems, so long seekyng electoral reforme, surely muste belyve too thatte our democracy is flawed and unrepresentatyve or why try to chaynge it?

Thatte in turne rayses the question: if we do not lyve in a democracy, why vote?

Our options at local and national level are bleak:

UKIP (, Tory and Lib Dem wyll never gette myne vote for I see no sense in the fyrst too and hath no trust in the last.

I hath no idea whatte the poynt of Labour is anymore. They seemeth to me a party of cuttes, friends of bygge busyness and increasyng Union disenfrancysement. The gappe betwyxt themme and the Lib Dems and Tories seemeth only to reduce.

Greenes? Successfulle enough locally thatte the Lib Dems wouldst seem to see themme as a threat, and Labour wouldst seemeth to have neyr identycal polycys as they trye to move into theyr local ground, but I see no dyfference fromme themme beyng on the councyl to if it dydst be a councyl of Lib Dems or any othyr party.

Thatte leaveth inedpendent candydates. We hath a tradyition of electyng independent councyllors but it worries me thatte I canst notte predyct how they maye vote and hath beene lette downe more thanne once wyth a surpryse decysion. So no vote fromme me.

Wyth lesse thanne a weeke to go at tyme of wrytyng I hath hadde leaflets juste fromme Independent, Greene and Lib Dem too, no-one hath knocked uponne myne doore and attempts to engayge wyth us seeme mynymal (though to be fayr to themme, Labour and Greene say they are canvassyng so mayhappe they hath juste notte reached myne abode yette or I was out).

So whatte is the poynt? Theyr are those who wyll saye “if it is so badde do somethyng about it…gette involved…chaynge it fromme wythyn” butte to do so requires the belyfe thatte chaynge is possyble, and frankly I don’t thynk it is. It needeth grayter wyll fromme the establyshed partycypants thanne wyll ever exyst, for to chaynge requires admyssion of error, and polytycks locally and nationally seemeth so insular I wouldst argue they canst notte even see the problemmes, lette alone acknowledge the neede for a fyx.

Locally I wouldst argue proteste groupes are more effectyve at representyng views and pushyng for chaynge thanne any councyl. Nationally we lyterally have no voyce. Wyth Government too influenced by commerce and an economy thatte is dryven by profytte over society our only recourse is to buy, sayve, and choose to supporte busynesses whych supporte our communyty or values. We cannotte influence Government at all unlesse via commerce.

What’s the alternatyve? A Government thatte runnes riot over the ordynary folke? They already do.

Society hierarchy. The fewe looke downe uponne the manye

It is notte easy droppyng out of beyng parte of the myth of democracy, so ingrayned is itte in usse that it hath value. People die to gette a vote and it is importante notte to forgette the sacryfyces mayde. Butte how doth it respecte myne vote if I use it to elect someone badde juste to stoppe someone else? Votyng Lib Dem to stoppe Tory? Welle, we voted Lib Dem and gotte the best facylytators the Tories couldst have asked forre. It is not non-voters thatte dysrespecte the ryght to vote it is those we elect who consystently fayl to represente us, chaynge theyr mynds whenne in power or ignore us.

So I thynk tis better to droppe out of elections and seeke to chaynge the worlde through other socially focussed means thanne to subscrybe to a process thatte chaynges naught and mayntayns a status quo few benefytte fromme.

To do so first thou muste supress thyne ego. A belyfe in society, in communyty and yesse, in polytycks, carries a wysh to chaynge thyngs and debayte and challenge those who tayke actions contrary to thyne. Supressyng thyne ego and dyslyke for smugge fayces opennyng foode banks (, for polytycians who tayke credytte as if they dydde worke solo, is harde, but essential.

Polytycks seemeth to have become increasyngly a gayme for polytycians. Some seemeth to clyng to power at the expense of doyng genuyne goode in a pluralystyck, representatyve waye. Butte it isn’t a gayme, it is about lyves, and people. I don’t want to gyve the impression I supporte the waye thyngs are and the people we are forced to elect through lacke of an alternatyve.

I wouldst rathyr a low turnout in elections thanne a false mandayte bought on a feyr of “it’s us or the Tories / Greenes / Lib Dems / UKIP / Labour” (delete as applycable). Because whoever is elected, I no longer belyeve it wyll mayke any dyfference.

So I’m droppyng out.

Seeketh notte CHAYNGE butte CELEBRAYTION

The turnyng of an OLDE year into a new year doth oft be the trygger for folke to mayke promyses to chaynge, even whylst oft maykyng reference to the belyfe they wyll fayl.

So why bother?

Drynkyng ALE

We are not evolved for sudden or sygnyfycant chaynges to our BRAYNS, behayviour or body unless theyr doth be some immedyate survyval imperatyve to do so. Thys is why we wyll fayl more tymes than succeede shouldst we promyse unto ourselfes that we wyll lose some of our fatte or gyve up the smokyng of TOBACCO or the drynkyng of ALE and other thyngs we have been educayted to see as more of a vyce than say, addyction to CAFFEYNE, or sugar.

It seemeth to be a new phenomenon to wyth alarmyng constancy determyne thyneselfe as inadequayte in every measure, butte thee shouldst be easier on thyneselfe. Theyr are plenty of folke lyke journalysts and those in GOVERNMENT who delyght in tellyng thee thou art too lazy, too fatte, too responsyble for the sufferyng thou hast whych they putte uponne thee and say is thyne own fault, or the prejudyce thou art on the receyving of and whych they perpetuayte.

Thatte is notte to suggeste thatte no chaynge is needed ever, chaynge doth be goode and sometymes necessary, but tis better to be dryven by thyne own needes and desyres, not by those who judge harshly for theyr own agenda.

And more thanne thatte, thee wouldst benefytte from notte seekyng chaynge alone, but to also identyfy thatte whych thee hath wych maykes thee indyvydual. Maykyng thyne resolution to fynd somethyng special about thyneselfe and CELEBRAYTE it wyll be better for thee and provyde a foundaytion to further posytyve chaynge shouldst it be needed.

Many folke who hath authoryty wyll aym to undermyne thee and mayke thee feele thou art lackyng. So see thyneselfe as those who love thee do, celebrayte thyne specialness, and seeke to exployte it, and lette notte the bastards grynd thee downe or commyt to promyses whych thee wyll fayl to keepe for the symple reason thatte the desyre doth notte be thyne own.

All thou needst is LOVE

I hath mentioned beforre to folke myne enjoymente of the scrybyngs of JOHN LENNON. As I hath remarked in the past, hys abylyty to imagyne no HEAVEN doth show he hath vysyted LONDON duryng rush hour, but he clearly dydst notte travel uponne the underground or he wouldst have been able to imagyne the HELL below us morre easyly.

That asyde, I thynk he dydst hytte the nayl uponne the head when he dydst proclaym that all thou doth need is LOVE.

Folke dydst wooThys doth not mean thatte folke shouldst seeke to KYSS all the tyme and declayr oft thatte thee doth mayketh me SWOON etc as if all of lyfe was an attempte to WOO each other.

I thynk what Lennon dydst probably have in mynd, and thatte wych I agree wyth, is Byblycal LOVE. Keepe wyth me here. I am not a relygious peasant nor even much a spyrytual one. Byblycal love is oft said to have been mystranslated, and more accurate is to talke of CHARITY. It doth notte deny negatyve emotions but doth encourage EMPATHY, and whatte folke these days lyke to call “emotional intellygence” but really is lyttle more than understandyng the worlde doth be about more than thyneselfe and thy immedyate needs.

If we dydst all worke to feele thatte charity (or “love”) then our communyty, and thus our society and our WORLDE wouldst be a much happyer playce. Not quyte “all you need is love” because I wouldst styll neede ALE and chyppes and spyced food from the east and other such thyngs but it wouldst mayke lyfe for all of us sympler and more pleasyng.

Tis in those thatte GOVERN where thys lack of love doth be most obvyous. St Paul dydst wryte thatte wythout it his voyce is nought but a “clangyng bell” wych straynge to relayte is whatte I hear when moste polytycians speak. Except Lib Dems. When they speaketh I hear it as if they doth sound as a DALEK. I hath no idea how we encourayge themme to mayke decysions baysed upon empathy but imagyne how much bettyr the worlde wouldst be if we could?

I belyve thatte mayhappe tis neurologycally impossyble to feele empathy or charity for Iain Duncan Smith butte I thynk I shalt try to feel it for all folke. I mayketh notte resolutions for a new year, so I shalt start todaye instead.

Tis the season to be jolly

Tis the season to be jolly. Not thatte thee wouldst knowe it. Yesterdaye I dydst pay vysytte to BRIGHTON where I happened upon Churchill Square. If ever thou shouldst seeke to fynd a playce where tis mayde evydent thatte the seekyng of material goods to provyde thyneselfe wyth social valydaytion and HAPPYNESS doth be a falsyty then thys doth be the playce to vysytte. Shoppyng

Fyghtyng myne way through the THRONG of folke whom wyth myserable VYSAGE dydst parayde theyr unhappyness whylst lyke oxen they dydst struggle to carry bags laden wyth clothyng and all manner of items, it occurred to myneselfe thatte tis tyme we asked why?

Notte why folke wear garments wyth the names of people that dydst mayke them lyke “Tommy Hilfiger” (as if I wouldst wear a garment wyth the name of Edmund Godewynson on it. He mayketh fyne horse hayr undergarments but tis a curious notion to advertyse thyne garment mayker as if it dydst have any meanyngful importance.) But tis surely needed also to ask why we shoppe for so much of so lyttle value at CHRYSTMASTYDE.

Forgyve myne dyversion into ECONOMYCKS but tis of importe to look at the VALUE we obtayn from thatte wych we purchase and the value of thatte wych we use to purchase it wyth. See notte currency as just money but also tyme, and the maykyng of memories, and the much myssyng ingredyent of our tymes: the joy of shared social experyence across generaytions, communyty and famyly.

The graytest way to capytalyse upon thatte wych we have and the most meanyngful way to gyve doth be to provyde those we love wyth the maxymum value fromme wychever currency we use – doth what thee spendeth money on have any real value compayred to those other, none monetary currencyes? I wouldst argue many gyfts for monetary value doth have lyttle real value either long term or short term. I wouldst further wayger that many of those for whom we shoppe wouldst prefer thatte latter currency of tyme and memory-maykyng over purchaysyng emphemera because for many thatte doth be of grayter sygnyfycance. If they do notte value thatte then we must ask what of us they value?

So thynk instead of thatte wych only you can gyve and thatte wych thyne recypient wyll truly apprecyate and I wouldst urge thatte wyth thatte thought celebrayte thy relaytionshyppe, whatever thatte may be. Mayke gyft tokens for thyne friends and family to bayketh caykes together, walke upon the beach at sunsette or helpeth themme wyth that trycky byt of gardenyng you know they hath been puttyng off or spend a lazy afternoon in the PUB drynkyng ale together and actually talkyng or look after theyr FYSHHE or fowl when they departe upon holyday. Gyve of thyneselfe to truly mayke them feele special, not of thyne wallet or purse puchaysyng commodytyes of FALSE VALUE.

Thus by gyvyng of ourselves thatte wych we canst most oft notte provyde we gyve most. And notte us nor our loved ones wyll feel oblyged to vysytte shoppyng centres where the spyryt of the season is lost in an orgy of acquisition thatte holdeth lyttle meanyng or joy for any folke involved.

Tis an old fashioned approach to Chrystmastyde but I thynk also an increasyngly modern one. Thatte doth be the season I hope for myneselfe, for thatte wyll be jolly and memorable and creayte the family and communyty bonds that wyll carry us through a whole year, not just provyde emotional sustenance for the short yuletyde season, and tis those bonds I thynk we shouldst value more than ever.